Who doesn’t long for lazy, warm summer evenings, a chilled drink and the tempting smell of delicious food sizzling away? You don’t need to be in the Mediterranean to make the most of the outdoor lifestyle – the Morso Living range has everything you need, all making the most of superb Scandinavian design and quality. Be the envy of your neighbours with this stylish range comprising oven, grill, fires and accessories.


Morsø Grill Forno

In true Scandinavian style this futuristic grill is so innovative you won’t be able to wait to show it off.
Standing on its three-legged teak base, the unique surface of the grill grate is an exceptional heat conductor and thanks to built-in ‘pores’ your food will be grilled in its own juices, staying mouth-wateringly moist.


Morsø Kamino and Morsø Firepit

What’s more evocative of outdoor life than watching flickering flames die down into glowing embers at the end of a perfect evening? The imaginative design of the Kamino outdoor fireplace and the fusion of form and function of the Firepit provide a delightful ambience for both cooking and keeping warm.


Morsø Forno
Outdoor Oven

So versatile you can cook traditional BBQ food or even your own pizza creation and keep warm when the temperature starts to fall. Its stylish globe shape is a real eye catcher and the solid enamelled cast iron construction means you’ll be enjoying the Forno oven for years to come.


The Morso Living range is complemented by accessories including the Tuscan Grill for use with the Kamino, a pizza paddle and of course the ubiquitous tongs!